Welcome to Taking Care of Fitness!

Clover Park WalkingPart of dance exercise nearly from its birth, I’ve seen a lot of trends come, go, and even return. What remains constant though, is the need for us to move more, yet we don’t. I blame the overwhelming, barrage of gloom and doom edicts, warnings that leave our heads spinning, resulting in doing nothing. And then there are the diet books plus gimmicky-quick-fix products, which only drain our wallets. I say, enough! Save your money, quit listening to all that press, start listening to your inner trainer to take care of your fitness.

It’s really not a big deal. Less is more, the simpler the program, the easier to stick to it. So what do you like to do? Walk? Dance? Swim? Are you better in a class or solo? Do you manage your muscles as well as you manage your stress? What portable, effective, inexpensive equipment works best? Do you even need said equipment?

Let Taking Care of Fitness help you, whether it’s wading through the hype, locating a class, building an office stretch routine or creating a no-equipment travel workout!

Oh, and there are healthy recipes too, cooking is my relaxation, my passion. I’m an omnivore-foodie-home-cook with vegetarian/vegan tendencies.

When it comes to exercise, I’m a generalist, drawing from what I feel is the best the fitness industry currently has to offer. If I sense a yoga posture will benefit my class, I’ll incorporate it. But if you’re looking for a yoga practice, or need a physical therapist, I’ll refer you.

Most importantly, I want this site to a create community as I share what I do in blog, and exchange education/information with you, so comment away!

Be well,