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No Student Left Behind

Recently, I attended a restorative yoga class. It was my misfortune to have my first class (only my second yoga class ever) be with a substitute practitioner who waltzed in, last minute and immediately began Om-ing. 

I truly didn’t know what to expect or how to modify the postures for my particular overuse injuries and needs. I received no direction during class except to, “Smile, it’s only yoga”. I soldiered on barely in form let alone breathing properly, in short, it was an excruciating experience I hope I have never subjected a student to. As the day progressed, I experienced both physical and emotional pain. The latter nearly pre-empting the physical, as I felt decrepit, old, used up, depressed. I guess I should have been pushier, interrupted the onset of practice to let the instructor know I was new.    

Here are a few things to do to avoid my experience whenever you’re a fitness class first-timer:

  • Research the facility and its instructor’s credentials, if they don’t measure up, move on.
  • If it/they pass muster, arrive early. Check in at reception. Complete any required paperwork.
  • If you’re not approached, let the teacher know you’re new.
  • You should be asked, about any physical challenges or limitations, requiring modification(s).
  • During this conversation, listen carefully to how your needs are addressed. If they’re not, participate at your own risk.

Be a savvy consumer! With so many fine fitness choices available, you’re sure to find the right “fit”.

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