Good Things to Know


Winter/Spring 2015, Vol. XIV, Issue One – ACSM’s Top Ten Trends, 2015, Resolutions Fall By The Wayside, Weighing In

Spring/Summer 2015, Vol. XIV, Issue Two – Longevity Recipe, Dan Buettner’s The Blue Zones Solution: Eating and Living Like the World’s Healthiest People

Summer/Fall 2015, Vol. XIV, Issue Three – IDEA World Fitness 2015 Recap – Brain Fitness

Fall/Winter 2015, Vol. XIV, Issue Four – ACSM’s Top Ten Trends, 2016, My Predictions, Sitting Not As Dangerous for Exercisers, Really? Chest Stretch


Jan. 2014, Vol. XII, Issue Twelve - Leveling Stress – Four Tips For Coping, Walk This Way – Stay Safely In Step, Move Of The Month – Sit-To-Stand

Feb. 2014, Vol. XIII, Issue One
– Move Of The Month – Legs Up On Wall Pose, GOOD THINGS TO KNOW & EAT 2013 Index

March. 2014, Vol. XIII, Issue Two – Your Health: Breaking News On Better Balance & Best Sleep Positions, Mental Gym Bag Move Of The Month: “So What”

April/May 2014, Vol. XIII, Issue Three/Four – OsteoBall® Holds Back The Hurt Too, Health.Com’s Factoids, Mental Gym Bag Move Of the Month: Elbow Office Plank

June 2014, Vol. XIII, Issue Five –  Think Posture, All Day, Everyday… Mental Gym Bag Move Of The Month: “Snow Angel”

July/Aug 2014, Vol. XIII, Issue Seven – Protein Power No Meat, No Dairy, No Kidding! Mental Gym Bag Move Of The Month: Prone Quadriceps Stretch, Heart Rate Update

September 2014, Vol. XIII, Issue Eight – Protect Yourself Against Colds & Flu, Mental Gym Bag Move Of The Month: More Than A Calf Stretch

Oct. –Nov. 2014, Vol. XIII, Issue Ten – Holiday Express Workout Quartet, Muscle Matters, Mental Gym Bag Move Of The Month: Kitchen Stretch Duo



Jan. 2013, Vol. XII, Issue One – Chair Workers, Take A Stand!

Feb. 2013, Vol. XII, Issue Two – Cold Or Flu; Exercise Or Not, Faux Pho

Mar./Apr. 2013, Vol. XII, Issue Three/Four – Getting Stronger With Static & Dynamic Exercise

May 2013, Vol. XII, Issue Five – Dr. Mosley’s 12-Minutes of Exercise Per Month, The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But, Modified Borg Scale – An Easy Exercise Evaluation Tool, No-Equipment High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Less Salt, More Risk, Really?

June/July 2013, Vol. XII, Issue Six – 10 Reasons to Bang on the Drum to Beat Stress Fueled Disease, Avoid Tablet Head & Blackberry Thumb Now

August 2013, Vol. XII, Issue Seven – Fitness Tools: New Faves – MELT® Method, UP® Wristband – & One Tried & True – OsteoBall®, IDEA World Fitness Convention Recap

September 2013, Vol. XII, Issue Eight – Cold & Flu Season 2013 – Protect Yourself

October 2013, Vol. XII, Issue Nine
– Dr. Toni Yancey’s Instant Recess® – A Challenge & How to Benefit from 10-Minute Activity Bouts During the Work or School Day

Nov./Dec. 2013, Vol. XII, Issue Ten/Eleven
– Thoughts For A Zen Holiday Season, American College of Sports Medicine’s Worldwide Survey – Top Twenty 2014 Fitness Trends


Jan. 2012, Vol. XI, Issue One – Top New Year’s Resolutions

Feb. 2012, Vol. XI, Issue Two – Choose the Right Athletic Shoes, 5K Training-No Mileage Required

Mar. 2012, Vol. XI, Issue ThreeAnother Reason To Send the Breadbasket Back, Sodium Labeling Terms

Apr. 2012, Vol. XI, Issue Four Fat With a Little Help From Friends or Get Fit With Friends

May 2012, Vol. XI, Issue Five– Bored Brain, Bored Body, Change HIIT Up, Compelling Case To Eat Plant-Based

June 2012, Vol. XI, Issue Six June Gloom, Sunscreen Labeling

July/Aug. 2012, Vol. XI, Issue Seven/Eight Rest, ice, compress, elevate (R.I.C.E.), Good Pain, Bad Pain, Treat Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Sept. 2012, Vol. XI, Issue NineHappiness, The Exercise Connection

Oct. 2012, Vol. XI, Issue Ten - Sleep Hygiene, Circadian Rhythms, How To Get More Sleep

Nov. 2012, Vol. XI, Issue Eleven Fit Gifts For All, Fitness Break: Four, No-Equipment Moves

Dec. 2012, Vol. XI, Issue Twelve Go Nuts: Serving Sizes, Holiday Survival, Why Can’t We Just Enjoy? ACSM’s Annual Fitness Survey