Mental Gym Bag

A Mental Gym Bag, packed with simple, no-equipment exercises, takes care of fitness at home, at work, on vacation or when there’s no time to get to the gym. Here are some of my favorite moves.

Jan. 2010, Vol. IX, Issue Four – No-Equipment Moves Make Perfect Posture A No-Brainer – Plank Variations, Hunting Dog, Bridge & Pelvic Tilts

Oct. 2010, Vol. IX, Issue Twelve – Jet Head Nation – Three Moves Combat Rounded Shoulders & Forward Head

Apr. – May 2011, Vol. X, Issue Six – You Can’t Sit Down – Strategies To Be Active At Work

July 2011, Vol. X, Issue Eight – Neck Pain Relief – One Simple Exercise

Oct. 2011, Vol. X, Issue Ten – If You Sit, Be Fit – Office Stretches

Nov. 2011, Vol. X, Issue Eleven – Kitchen Stretches

Dec. 2011, Vol. X, Issue Twelve – Think Outside The Gym – More No-Equipment Exercises – Quadruped Abdominals, Arm/Leg Lift, Chin Tuck/Face Lift, & Clams

Jan. 2014, Vol. XII, Issue Twelve – Balance Plus Strength – Sit-To-Stand

Feb. 2014, Vol. XIII, Issue One – De-stress, Get Energized – Legs Up On Wall Pose

March. 2014, Vol. XIII, Issue Two – Bust Computer Posture I – “So What”

April/May 2014, Vol. XIII, Issue Three/Four – Quick Core Strengthener – Elbow Office Plank

June 2014, Vol. XIII, Issue Five –  Bust Computer Posture II – “Snow Angel”

July/Aug 2014, Vol. XIII, Issue Seven Prone Quadriceps Stretch

September 2014, Vol. XIII, Issue Eight More Than A Calf Stretch