Good Things to Eat


Winter/Spring 2015, Vol. XIV, Issue One – Seasonal Eats Save, Epicurious Seasonal Ingredient Map & Free Apps – Lentils Times Two

Recipes: Martha Rose Schulman’s Egyptian Rice & Lentils, Toni Tennille’s Tostadas

Spring/Summer 2015, Vol. XIV, Issue Two– A hearty, satisfying soup, just one of many recipes from The Blue Zones Solution: Eating and Living Like the World’s Healthiest People

Recipe: Melis Family Minestrone

Summer/Fall 2015, Vol. XIV, Issue Three – Salad, Get Your Veggies On & Shave 150 Calories Every Time You Dine

Recipe: Susan Voisin’s Roasted Asparagus Salad With Chickpeas & Potatoes

Fall/Winter 2015, Vol. XIV, Issue Four – A Meal In a Bowl

Recipe: Jacqueline Hériteau’s Basil, Bean & Sausage Soup (adapted)


Jan. 2014, Vol. XII, Issue TwelveGasoline or Groceries – Peel Appeal – Tasty Ways To Use Leaves, Stems & Seeds
Recipe: Vegan Shiitake Mushroom Soup

Feb. 2014, Vol. XIII, Issue OneGasoline Or Groceries – Food Is Medicine-Visionary Kitchen, A Cookbook for Eye Health, Eat Your Vitamin C
Recipe: Coastal Living’s Senior Editor, Julia Dowling Rutland’s Sockeye Salmon Sliders & Wasabi Ginger Aioli

March 2014, Vol. XIII, Issue TwoGasoline Or Groceries – Cheap Eats, Lavash Pizza
Recipe: Martha Rose Schulman’s Lavash Five Ways & One My Way

April/May 2014, Vol. XIII, Issue Three/FourGasoline Or Groceries – One Bag Many Meals, What’s In Your Pantry?
Recipe: Five Easy Cruciferous Dishes

June 2014, Vol. XIII, Issue FiveGasoline Or Groceries – Potatoes, A Bad Wrap
Recipe: Heather Ray’s Easy Homemade Scalloped Potatoes

July/Aug 2014, Vol. XIII, Issue SevenGasoline Or Groceries – When Life Gives You Aubergines, Grape Tomatoes, Chilies, Make Ratatouille
Recipes: Stovetop or Roasted Ratatouille from The Joy of Cooking & EatingWell

September 2014, Vol. XIII, Issue EightGasoline Or Groceries – Trade Off At The Table – Escalating Food Cost, In Season, Good For You Brussels Sprouts

Recipe: LA Times’ Wilted Brussels Sprouts With Walnuts

Oct. – Nov. 2014, Vol. XIII, Issue TenGasoline Or Groceries10-Minute, $11 Salad For Four, Protein In Ounces & Grams, Wallace D. Wattles’ How To Eat

Recipe: Trader Joe’s Heirloom Red Spinach Salad


Jan. 2013, Vol. XII, Issue OneGasoline Or Groceries – Hale Kale!
Recipe: Whole Food’s Emerald Sesame Kale

Feb. 2013, Vol. XII, Issue TwoGasoline Or Groceries – Winter Squash
Recipe: Bon Appétit’s Quinoa With Moroccan Winter Squash & Carrots

Mar./Apr. 2013, Vol. XII, Issue Three/FourGasoline Or Groceries – Kitchen Spring Cleaning
Recipes: Sesame Noodles; Roasted Chickpeas

May 2013, Vol. XII,, Issue Five - Gasoline Or Groceries – Cooking with Trader Joe’s
Recipes: Beijing/Napoli Stir-Fry plus Molly Steven’s Steamed Carrots & Mint

June/July 2013, Vol. XII, Issue SixGasoline Or Groceries – Go Bananas With Easy Summer Treats
Recipes: Cassandra’s Cookies & Modern Dog Magazine’s Poochie Pupsicles

August 2013, Vol. XII, Issue SevenGasoline Or Groceries – Eating In Season
Recipes: Tyler Florence’s Watermelon Gazpacho plus Matt Armendariz’s Watermelon & Heirloom Tomato Salad

September 2013, Vol. XII, Issue Eight Gasoline Or Groceries – Save The Planet, Go Meatless Two Days A Week Restaurant Guide: My Favorite Local Vegetarian Spots
Recipe: Mee Tracy McCormick’s Raw-Vegan Sloppy Joes

October 2013, Vol. XII, Issue NineGasoline Or Groceries – Humble Hominy & Beans – Low Cost, High Protein, High Fiber, Know Your Chiles, Cooks Thesaurus to the Rescue
Recipe: Los Angeles Times’ Three-Bean Hominy Chili

Nov./Dec., Vol. XII, Issue Ten/ElevenGasoline or Groceries – Root for Root Veggies
Recipe: Molly O’Neill’s Curried Root Vegetable Stew With Currant Dumplings


Jan. 2012, Vol. XI, Issue One Gasoline Or Groceries – “Garbage Soup” (DIY veggie stock)
Recipes: Pear-Parsnip Soup; Quinoa & Spinach Salad

Feb. 2012, Vol. XI, Issue Two Gasoline Or Groceries – Stop Food Waste
Recipes: Omar’s Avocado Juice; Hummus Tabbouleh Wraps

Mar. 2012, Vol. XI, Issue ThreeGasoline Or Groceries – More MPG, Please
Recipe: Caramelized Brussels Sprouts with Dates & Kumquats

Apr. 2012, Vol. XI, Issue Four – Gasoline Or Groceries – Eat In Sync With The Season
Recipes: Easy Mustard/Mayo Dressing; Ronelle’s Moroccan Salad

May 2012, Vol. XI, Issue Five – Gasoline Or Groceries – DIY Salad Dressing, Keep Greens From Spoiling, Storing Oil & Vinegar
Recipe: Vanilla Vegetable Salad

June 2012, Vol. XI, Issue SixGasoline Or Groceries – Work With What’s On Hand, Nuts for Pistachios
Recipe: Farro With Roasted Beets & Carrots

July/Aug. 2012, Vol. XI, Issue Seven/Eight Gasoline Or Groceries – Preserving Summer Berries
Recipes: Grandma’s Sweet-Sour Veggies; Pickling For Melon

Sept. 2012, Vol. XI, Issue Nine – Gasoline Or Groceries – Best Veggie Burgers
Recipes: Burrata & Peach, Heirloom Tomato Salad; Fig Chutney

Oct. 2012, Vol. XI, Issue Ten – Gasoline Or Groceries - Veggie Burger Update, Guide To Pesticides, Get Food Safety Alerts & Recalls
Recipes: Chipotle or Coffee Rubs

Nov. 2012, Vol. XI, Issue Eleven - Gasoline Or Groceries – Fresh, Local Fare, Green Gifts
Recipes: David Tanis’ Persimmon Serving Suggestions

Dec. 2012, Vol. XI, Issue Twelve Gasoline Or Groceries - Nuts!
Recipes: Alton Brown’s Boiled Peanuts; Ann’s Curried, Carrot, Cashew Spread